Letter from St. Saviours School

Hi Graham

I am emailing to thank you for a wonderful workshop yesterday. Khaleel really enjoyed himself and found the whole workshop fascinating. My son loves the book he was reading it again this morning. it is a lovely book and the illustrations are lovely, very colourful.

He has since asked me lots of questions regarding the war and time machines!

It was very educational, thank you for inspiring him. He now wants a poster with all the aircraft from the war!!

I wish you the best and look forward to your new books.

Thank you


PS: The Time Machine is still one of my favourite stories!


Letters fromKingfishers at Gretton school after a recent workshop.

Dear Graham
Thank you for coming to visit us yesterday afternoon.I liked hearing about the battle.
Liam –  Year 1

Dear Graham
Thank you for coming. I fort you were fascinating and the pictures were epic.The story was lovely and the aeroplane sorting was cool. Thanks Graham your the best and Time Travelling Toby is the best book ever.
The dogs were nice and the family was cool.
From Aidan – year 1

Dear Graham
Thank you for coming to Kingfishers. I loved your. It was astonishing. Your book was very scientific.
I loved drawing Toby as a spaceman. Inside I wrote he went to the moon and the moon was made out of chocolate so he ate the moon so there was no light from the moon again.
Love from Allayna – Year 2

Dear Graham
Thank you for our class. I really loved it when we did the game when we looked to see if the planes were German or English.
I did Time Travelling Toby as a Knight in armour. I want to be an author when I grow up. I am going to write a story about Time Travelling Toby when I get home. Its going to be about him jousting with another knight.
From Grace – year 2


The best 3 letters written to Graham Jones by pupils of Gretton School after a recent workshop.


Dear Mr Jones,

I am writing to say how great your book is. I really like it! I also like the website it’s brilliant!

Thank you for coming in and giving us our amazing bookmarks and cool planes. I loved the workshop it was great!

I was wondering how long does it take to write a book? What will be your next book? How many books will you write?

I wish I would be a good writer like you!

Yours sincerely

Emma, Gretton School, year 3


Dear Graham,

I am writing to tell you how great your book is. I read it every day because it is amazing. I’ve already recommended it to one of my cousins and they enjoyed it so much.

When you came to our class to a workshop it was very interesting and I loved how we got to make our own planes. I got a spitfire.

I was wondering how your getting on with your book how Lord Nelson and Toby first met? Do you know when your book is going to come out. I’m really looking forwored to reading it. Would it be possible to come in and show us the next book.

Cant wait to see the next book.


Polly, Gretton School, Year 4


Dear Graham

I’m writing to tell you how great your book is. I love the picture. If I saw that in a shop I would have a look and buy it. It is great. Also it has a very catchy title.

Thank you for the awesome workshop, and I love the bookmark you gave me. I use the bookmark in my book. I think you are an amazing author.

I cant wait until your new book come out. I bet it is definitely as good as your first. I’m definitely going to buy it. I can’t wait to hear what the next one is? The Battle of Trafalgar.

I’m wondering if you got your book in any shops? I think if you keep writing you could be as good Roald Dahl and Dick King-Smith. How long did it take you? You could do the battle of France, it will be great!

How many books are you writing?


Alex, Gretton School year 4


Feedback from pupils in Mr. Hillyards class;

we think that your book is amazing!!!!!!! It is a great idea for a book! We have been looking at your web site and we know that your 3 sons are called Barnaby, Theo and Toby.
From William and Eddie.

We think your book is extraordinary!! !!!!! Because we’ve read your website, we can’t wait to read your book. Harry’s godfather was in the RAF!!!!
From Matteo and Harry

We think your book looks very interesting we will look forward to reading it! Your website is very eye catching.
From Ruby and Ava


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  1. I can’t believe you put my letter on your website .I love when I went on your website and saw the letter part I saw mine and was amazed.thankyou for putting my letter on your website.from Alex

  2. I read this story to my granddaughter Scarlett who enjoyed it very much
    as I did to
    and we look forward to the next time travelling story.